Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I saw a friend the other day, and she looked at me in my black flared prom styled dress and pricey denim vest (rrp 139.99 but I got for $10!!), with my hair in a high ponytail and said, "gosh, you're so 90's influenced"

I am a 90's girl and I loved it. I wish I was wiser enough to appreciate the fashion sense back then, high pony tails, high wasited jeans, double denim, denim vests, denim everything, headbands, flannels, bright coloured pants, turtlenecks, frizzy hair, not so much flares or mullet hairstyle and I don't really suit overalls (but I'm desperately trying) but I am totally in LOVE with the daggyness of it all, complete love. I got lazy in finding some awesome 90's fashion but these will do.

Modern interpretations of the 90's flare

While we're on the subject of the 90's I thought I would take us down memory lane..

There's a counter in this ball? WOWOWOOW!

My brother totally owned one.

I would cry because all the kids had one and I didn't.

Rugrats gone teens series is just too weird..


The amont of times it didn't open my homework properly..

You're only cool if you have a million, silver and gold always ran out fast


Twist in hair styling




(Note: These messages are not adressed to me)

I was skimming my facebook feed when I saw someone comment on how trashy 'tumblr' is nowadays. It is completely true. When did it become a home for angsty 15 year olds complaining about how they've never been kissed, not thin enough, not pretty enough, not rich enough, not enough followers, anonymous hate mail, drama drama drama!

OH PLEASE. I can't even ask for them to grow up because that would be asking so much of them.

You'll tell me if I don't like what I see, then don't read it, I'll tell you, unlike facebook, where I can hide posts of people I have no interest for, I can't do the same for tumblr unless I'd have to unfollow them entirely, but then if I did, I wouldn't have anyone to follow anymore.

I used to use that site as a source for editorial shoots and design inspiration, but in recent years (in the last year and a half) I have seen my dashboard flood with questionable images of girls posting their own images of their body asking the world if they need to lose weight, reading saddening posts of girls saying they weight 40kg and still think they're overweight, girls who can't pull away from their abusive relationships, hate mail in their inbox etc etc

There's this sad distressing realisation that these girls, as dramatic as they are, really do honestly believe their world is going to end if they don't achieve their unrealistic goals of becoming the most beautiful lusted woman in all mankind, and will brutally abuse and stab anyone who stands in their way.

It's just sad and funny that only recently the site has exploded in 'popularity', I miss it's humble beginnings.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ann-Sofie Back

My goodness that ring, I LOVE! But I can imagine Albert having a hard time holding my hand with that on HAH!


$420.00 AUD

$385.00 AUD

$445 AUD

$885.00 AUD

My friend said why did I want to wear such morbid jewelry? Not sure, there's something beautiful about them to me.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Beautiful and Dammed AW11

Snake Print Shirt $149.90 AUD

Skater Dress $199.00 AUD

Collared Shirt $139.00 AUD

Black Shearling jacket $269.00 AUD

Runaway Dress $199.00 AUD

Wreckless Top $79.00 AUD

Youth Brigade Shirt $179.00 AUD

In all honestly, Stalkstalker has unveiled a pretty mediocre collection for AW11, I ended up posting pics from the photo shoot rather than the face on shots of the pieces because they generally looked average. And seriously, $179 for a while collared shirt?! Please cut me some slack! I'm not made of money and there's no way I would ever pay that amount for a generic white shirt with a couple of embellishments on the shoulders! Australian designers, please don't make that mistake thinking everything you design has this unbelievable aura of 'exclusivity', you just come off looking a little ridiculous.

The only thing I'd really get from this collection is the Runaways dress because I love the string detail on the back of the dress, which can't been seen in the shoot photo but here..

Pre - Fall 2011


I am completely and utterly distraught. A very random thought came over me 10 minutes earlier, "I wonder how my Neopets are going?"

I am not going to lie, I was an avid crazed addicted Neopets fan. Don't believe me? Here's all the merchandise that is still proudly displayed around my room.

Yes, I do have not one but four soft 'plushie' tickle me neopets that has built in voice recognition that reacts to your speech.

Look familiar? Weren't they those Mcdonalds toys in happy meals once? Ding ding! Obviously, I had A LOT of mickey d's when trying to collect a WHOLE basket of these..

My trusty 'Pocket Neopet' aka a more awesome version of a tamagouchi.

My cute little plastic friends that moved around my room and reacted to when I would pick them up by lighting up and making noises..

Adventures in Neopia, won every time against my sister!

I also had trading cards but I couldn't find them..

Okay, so maybe after all that, you might think of me differently, didn't expect all that from someone like me? Maybe I should open up to you on all my other various nerd-tastic days, but another time, something serious has happened.

Neopia decided to banish me and erased my account, my childhood, all those hours playing games 3 times a day to earn NP and collect avatars and save up enough to paint my neopets awesome colours, gone. I wasn't even banned, I just don't exist in the neopia world anymore, I must mourn. I think I need to buy something to feel better..