Sunday, May 22, 2011

so far

My last couple of posts have been missing images, so here's some pretty mediocre photos to let your imagination run.

The most comfortable piece of furniture I've ever slept in.

Haven't seen sunshine in a long time..

That dreadful place that has become my home.

Darling Harbour

Rose something market

A photo to remind me of home, my diary, novel and music

I actually spend a lot of time sitting on my window sill.


Again, sorry for the lack of content. My hotel charges me $24 per day for interweb usage, so I wasn't going to cash up until I had a break. This is going to be quick, but as you know, I am out of my comfort zone of gloomy Melbourne and is currently living in Sydney for the time being, working at the ZARA store, being trained in preparation for the Melbourne store.

It definitely has been an experience that I'll remember. The day we flew in, we were put into our uniforms and thrown on to the floor to work ASAP, and have been working everyday since. It has definitely been overwhelming on a lot of occasions, it has been especially hard not to have Albert near me, I miss him a lot, I know things would be so much easier if I had him next to me for support.

But I finally have a day off tomorrow before the long 38 full time hours start again, so I'll be in bed all day, enjoying my extremely slow overpriced internet with room service, awesome.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Sorry for the lack of content being posted for all you readers and pass byers to stalk, half of my reasoning behind this is quite simple, laziness, oops. The other half is quite justified in the fact that my life has been turned upside down in the last 48 hours.

Life as I have mentioned earlier have been a tad lackluster in events and surprises recently, but a bomb was dropped on me when I was called on friday night and was told by the lovely people of ZARA that I was chosen to be one of the leaders for the store, therefore they must whisk me off my very feet and fly me up to Sydney in 32 hours, where I'll be living in the heart of the CBD, Pitt Street, until further notice. I'll be working in the ZARA store in Sydney, eventually come back to Melbourne when a launch date is decided, and train the new recruits of for the Melbourne store.

Total chaos, but it's just what I need. I'm glad to finally get out of Melbourne, if only just for awhile. What would make this perfect is if I could fit Albert into my 23kg allowed baggage!

Monday, May 2, 2011

ysl infatuation

After almost a year of deciding, yes or no, worth it or not, should I really or not, will I regret it or not, I caved and joined the blogesphere bandwagon cult of this AMAZING ring. I usually turn my head to much overly hyped items like this, especially those House of Harlow Sunburst rings (I honestly don't see the appeal), but I can't help but be completely infatuated with such an odd looking ring, thus finally owning my very own YSL Arty Ring. Gorgeous, I love it so much, it causes the rest of my rings to take the back seat because you only need this one ring (plus the Swarovski crystalized jaguar ring that lives on my finger from Albert) to make a statement.

Unfortunately, this pink glass ring isn't going to be my only YSL ring, yes I do intend to collect other colours, shame to my addiction! They retail at $250.00 USD + $50P&H at

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dream living

I don't imagine my future house to look like this, more so, that is what I dream my future studio apartment to look like, a lot of white, pure, off white, white! with light wood paneling and most importantly, sun ray lighting to entire room.

bits & pieces

My everyday has been feeling a bit lackluster with a tinge of anxiety, I'm a bit worried things have been too good to be true, easy come easy go, I expressed my concern and hopefully I'll be greeted with re assuring words and a new beginning.