Sunday, May 22, 2011


Again, sorry for the lack of content. My hotel charges me $24 per day for interweb usage, so I wasn't going to cash up until I had a break. This is going to be quick, but as you know, I am out of my comfort zone of gloomy Melbourne and is currently living in Sydney for the time being, working at the ZARA store, being trained in preparation for the Melbourne store.

It definitely has been an experience that I'll remember. The day we flew in, we were put into our uniforms and thrown on to the floor to work ASAP, and have been working everyday since. It has definitely been overwhelming on a lot of occasions, it has been especially hard not to have Albert near me, I miss him a lot, I know things would be so much easier if I had him next to me for support.

But I finally have a day off tomorrow before the long 38 full time hours start again, so I'll be in bed all day, enjoying my extremely slow overpriced internet with room service, awesome.

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  1. awww!!
    well i posted internet to you this morning, well i place it in the tall red box near my place and hopefully you'll receive it by wednesday, start asking if you haven't got it by friday! i had a lot of fun procrastinating on sunday for pretty you!