Friday, April 22, 2011

The Beautiful and Dammed AW11

Snake Print Shirt $149.90 AUD

Skater Dress $199.00 AUD

Collared Shirt $139.00 AUD

Black Shearling jacket $269.00 AUD

Runaway Dress $199.00 AUD

Wreckless Top $79.00 AUD

Youth Brigade Shirt $179.00 AUD

In all honestly, Stalkstalker has unveiled a pretty mediocre collection for AW11, I ended up posting pics from the photo shoot rather than the face on shots of the pieces because they generally looked average. And seriously, $179 for a while collared shirt?! Please cut me some slack! I'm not made of money and there's no way I would ever pay that amount for a generic white shirt with a couple of embellishments on the shoulders! Australian designers, please don't make that mistake thinking everything you design has this unbelievable aura of 'exclusivity', you just come off looking a little ridiculous.

The only thing I'd really get from this collection is the Runaways dress because I love the string detail on the back of the dress, which can't been seen in the shoot photo but here..

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