Friday, April 22, 2011


I am completely and utterly distraught. A very random thought came over me 10 minutes earlier, "I wonder how my Neopets are going?"

I am not going to lie, I was an avid crazed addicted Neopets fan. Don't believe me? Here's all the merchandise that is still proudly displayed around my room.

Yes, I do have not one but four soft 'plushie' tickle me neopets that has built in voice recognition that reacts to your speech.

Look familiar? Weren't they those Mcdonalds toys in happy meals once? Ding ding! Obviously, I had A LOT of mickey d's when trying to collect a WHOLE basket of these..

My trusty 'Pocket Neopet' aka a more awesome version of a tamagouchi.

My cute little plastic friends that moved around my room and reacted to when I would pick them up by lighting up and making noises..

Adventures in Neopia, won every time against my sister!

I also had trading cards but I couldn't find them..

Okay, so maybe after all that, you might think of me differently, didn't expect all that from someone like me? Maybe I should open up to you on all my other various nerd-tastic days, but another time, something serious has happened.

Neopia decided to banish me and erased my account, my childhood, all those hours playing games 3 times a day to earn NP and collect avatars and save up enough to paint my neopets awesome colours, gone. I wasn't even banned, I just don't exist in the neopia world anymore, I must mourn. I think I need to buy something to feel better..

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