Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cheesy cringe

Yes, you caught me red handed! I am a culprit of having exhibited large amounts of 'Public Displays of Affection' to the world. Now it is your queue to cringe and tell me to get a room. But why must you cringe?

I finished my internship for the day, 30 minutes from your usual 5pm finish time because I'm just that awesome at finishing my work a whole lot faster than your average graphic designer, oops, getting sidetracked, anyway, made my way up Church St and headed for the station to go home. I then decided whether to hang back for half an hour to meet with Albert since I haven't seen him in awhile due to his full time hours and yes, I did miss him a lot (cheese cheese cheese), so gave him a call and luck had it our way that the train I was on was the train that he usually catches to go home from work. Thank you cupid!

So after a whole lot of confusion on which carriage I was on, second carriage front or back end? A bunch of call fails and messages coming through late due to no reception when going through the city loop, we finally reunited! This is where the PDA kicks in, hugs and kisses, cuddles and a lot of puppy noises (also in our case, a few made up words and noises that we created expressing our current emotions) and finally, more kisses.

I was lost in our own little world (cringe cringe cringe) and this extreme display of affection lasted until he had to leave to go home leaving me on the train. That was when I realised, having left my world of a gaussian blurred vision and a whole lot of smooches, I was back in the real world suddenly realising how piercingly silent it was on the train. Horribly embarrassed, I hid my face behind my MX for the rest of the train ride to what I assume were people giving me disgusted looks.

But why should I be embarrassed? I know it isn't pleasant watching two people violently make out with each other tongues for long periods of time, but I assure you, we looked NOTHING like that. To everybody else, they probably assumed we just started dating because of all the bear hugs and puppy love that was oozing out of us and I'm guessing the puppy noises didn't help either. But I'd like to think there's a difference between seeing two people attacking each others tongues in a moment of lust and two people smothering each other in cuddles and smooches in the name of love.

Why is it when something horrible happens right infront of our eyes, no one cringes. Instead we can't keep our eyes away from it. We keep staring and we don't blink. Don't you remember back in high school, whenever there was a 'punch on', everybody would run just to go to have a look. Whenever there is a car accident on the road, people would slow down just to have a look. A person lying unconscious on the city floor with paramedics at aid is usually accompanied by a crowd of curious eyes.

Why is it that we are so fascinated by the image of violence and devastation, but most of our society has a problem in witnessing public displays of affection? Isn't the form of love something EVERYBODY wishes to possess and ultimately lives for? Love is the only thing worth living for and in its purest form, it's something that I find rare to have, let alone witness. I'm not just talking about love between two people, I'm also referring to love between friendships, our mentors, complete selfless love from our parents (the only thing that makes me believe in the term 'forever') and love for ourselves.

But for this rant, I'm going to have to specify the love I have with Albert. I hope you like cheese, because yes I do love him quite a bit and I'm not embarrassed with showing it. I'm very proud that even though we have been in this little thing called a relationship for a pretty long time now, we continue to act like we're 16 and on our first date every time, well most of the time, we're not perfect obviously.

I'm sorry if you were a victim of my public displays of affection, wait, no, I'm not sorry about that. I apologies if my public displays of affection with my boyfriend has made you feel uncomfortable, but... well, get used to it, HAH! Keep cringing if you like, I'll just think that you're cringing because maybe on the inside, you're a little bit jealous!

Though, I can not wait till we're 80 years old, wrinkles and all, walking around the city parks at 0.5km/ph, hand in hand, hugs and kisses and finally people will stop to look and stare and this time for the right reasons, that love is a beautiful thing to witness.

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  1. hahahahahahahaha! get a roooom!

    in reference to the above pic: if you're hungry, albert's holding food, gee, there's ample flavour on the edibles, don't have to EAT it off each other!! :P

    i confess, i'm both really drawn to and probably equally uncomfortable about PDAs; due partly to a envy of intimacy and then the unpleasant question of lustful expression, respectively. they are strange things to witness. you are confronting, you are!

    ps: i love how you endorse water.