Friday, February 11, 2011

thank you

Do I suffocate people? I think I do. When I look at the lives now of people I have been previously close to, they seem to be so much more carefree and happier without me around. I always thought that if I were to find out the happiness of others I miss terribly, I would be bitter and jealous but surprisingly, I am so happy for them, genuinely.

I miss these people so much. People I've lost over time because of distance, heartache etc I wish I could say to your faces, thank you. Thank you for once being a large part of my life and your life. Thank you for once being so important to me. Thank you for being there when I needed you. Thank you for making me laugh, thank you for giving me love.

Thank you for hurting me when you(s) did, because sometimes you need to get hurt to learn, and I've learnt a lot from everything that's ever happened.

I'm so happy for you all, I'm happy that all the drama I may have caused is in the past for you(s) and that now, you've found something special in your lives. Maybe one day, I'll bump into some of you, after so long, and maybe one day, I'll be able to say it to you in person.


  1. hello deary,
    i've tagged you in a little project -
    hope you join in the fun :)
    re: this blog post. it's true, sometimes you need to get hurt to learn the most valuable lessons in life.
    i hope you're well x

  2. hello love,

    i've been really absent lately, and i actually feel so bad about it that i don't know how to contact you again. so, cowardly, (as i catch up on your life or as much of it as you blog, i just think how silly i was to get tangled in my own life and neglect you) i say hello again on this page.