Sunday, February 6, 2011


I did have a more detailed blogpost about my time at St Jeromes Laneway Festiva 2011, but my post lacked enthusiasm, and when re reading over it, it just seemed like I was blubbering on about stupid things, so I deleted everything and decided to keep it short and straight to the point with some bullet points.

  • The weather was nothing I had in mind when I purchased the tickets last year. Weather warnings of storms and flash flooding.
  • I didn't know whether to dress for the weather or dress for the crowd. In the end, I chose crowd, which in the end was the appropriate decision.
  • Yes its true east/north/south siders, the highly anticipated sold out festival for all you hipsters is being held in the westside!
  • Passion pop strawberry was sweet tasting and didn't leave any after taste, but was definitely not the best choice to chugg down in less than 5 minutes behind a rubbish bin behind the cops. *burp*
  • Saw a band which we initially thought was The Antlers, but ended up being PVT, it was great, love discovering new amazing artists.
  • Momentarily lost the boys, after sticking my hand up in the air for 15 minutes and getting one successful call through to one another, we regrouped.
  • Just motored our way through the crowd and got to the middle front, epic.
  • Unfortunately Theresa couldn't handle feeling like a sardine amongst the crowd and got a security guard to pull her out to the other side of the barrier.
  • After much delay, TDCC came on stage and played the same exact set from the previous year I saw them.
  • Lost nearly $100 and my phone amongst the moshing, only to have the guy behind me pick it up and give it back, and found my phone that had magically landed in Fiona's hood.
  • Was completely drained throughout Yeasayers set, feet were aching, people were shoving etc
  • Got all my energy back when the one band that gave me the real incentive on going to Laneway appeared in font of me. You know who I'm talking about.
  • They were the only band to have the entire crowd yell out ENCORE!
  • They were a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
  • Left our front row seats in search of Theresa, after many failed calls, finally found her at the LCD screen.
  • Danced to Cutcopy from afar, it was great to have some space to dance and jump around and watch the lights light up the sky.
  • I'm so happy to have gone to an event that broke the routine I have put myself in these days.
  • Can't wait for thursday!

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