Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So I'm walking towards the platform and it's peak hour, I'm in my bright green zara pants (pictured above in the pink version) and I was feeling a little embarrassed. I know black is something we're all a little obsessed with, it's safe, stylish and slimming, but sometimes can be a little depressing. I felt like I was doing a little bit of a catwalk as crowds of people were staring at the unusual colour of my pants! I wished my city was a little more crazy about fashion, it seems that fashion here is more of a luxury than a culture, boo. You don't have to covered in Chanel and Alexander Mcqueen to be considered "fashionable".

So I'm browsing through street styles and totally did a double take on this picture thinking "wuutt watttt Albert snapped?!". Minus the hobo gloves and cap, everything is on the mark, See, it's not hard to be a little stylish, if Albert can, you can!

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