Tuesday, March 1, 2011

pain and joy

Life is hard and sometimes beautiful - this fact is a theme that runs through the beautiful animation called The Illusionist.

A story of pain and joy, reward and loss, a magician had suffered great loss in his life, but it did not make him bitter or cruel; it made him kind and giving and even when he had invested so much love in the girl for no motive other than to GIVE; he was ready to give her the moment to pursue her youthful dreams of young love. As in all experiences of life - love and relationships are transient which I find The Illusionist portrays very beautifully.

The ending to this hand drawn animated film really affected me, without spoiling, it led me to wonder, is it true? If it is, how sad and cruel is the world and the people living in it, myself included. We're letting something really beautiful and enchanting fade into the face of cold modernization.

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