Wednesday, November 3, 2010

fed up

I'm not bothered by your immature behavior, does it really look like I want to be anything like you? A total try hard in life? You don't make me jealous, not in the least bit. I used to think you were this person that had this outrageous life and having the time of your life, but now having a real look at you and the people you surround yourself in, why would I want to surround myself around people who give me an eye sore? I don't care if I sound harsh, but I am just fed up with your little games and just want to tell it how it is, because I'm not like you.

But I find it so funny, this whole time you're out to make me feel insecure, when really, I know you're actually the one jealous of me.

1 comment:

  1. yeah ive felt like that with quite a few people. its a really nice sensation when time passes and you realise that people you felt were so much superior to you are actually miles beneath you now! :)